Tickets on Blockchain

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Digital smart tickets

You have total control and insight during your event cycle, thanks to the real-time data that shows ticket ownership & activity.

An end to ticket fraud

Our tickets are registered on the blockchain and connected to visitor’s smartphones, making fraud impossible.

Figure 3: Illustration of blockchain hash. Source: Guru99.

Create, validate, control

It enables the creation and validation of any type of tickets, it also facilitates (re)selling in a controlled way.

Serve all markets

Create tickets as nfts for several channels on the primary market, and let fans resell them on a controlled secondary market.

The benefit of using Blockchain and NFTs for ticketing is that it allows event organizers to keep track of the tickets even after the tickets are sold. This means each ticket is securely linked to its respective buyer, and these transactions are stored in the Blockchain database. So, any further sale or transaction involving the tickets can be seen in the Blockchain ledger.

This shared database of all the transactions eliminates any possibility of ticket scalping, reselling, uncontrolled price gouging, and fraudulent transactions. Running ticket sales through an open-source Blockchain gives artists and event organizers the ability to track the entire ticketing cycle, including monitoring secondary market resale and potential ‘scalping’.

Some advantages of controlling the Blockchain transactions, includes the opportunity to award royalty payments to artists and event organizers.

nfts in ticketing
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