Tickets on Blockchain

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Create tickets as nfts for several channels on the primary market, and let fans resell them on a controlled secondary market.

The benefit of using Blockchain and NFTs for ticketing is that it allows event organizers to keep track of the tickets even after the tickets are sold. This means each ticket is securely linked to its respective buyer, and these transactions are stored in the Blockchain database. So, any further sale or transaction involving the tickets can be seen in the Blockchain ledger.

Reforestation trough Blockchain

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NFTs that plant real trees and stores their info Help us plant forests, earn marketing materials and unique tokens for each tree. Join our reforestation efforts by making a donation of 20 EURO or more and we’ll send you a special NFT certificate. Each NFT contains the locations and pictures of the tree uploaded every […]

UI/UX Designer

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Using minimalism I like to bring clarity and structure into web projects so users achieve the desired goals easily. I make UI/UX Prototypes, Landing pages, Websites, CMSs, CRMs, Shops and I am a blockchain enthusiast.

My designs are not only made to look beautiful but to be quick and easy to use. Last couple of years I’ve worked as web designer and front-end developer, in house as well as remote with gigs as Senior UI/UX designer at Orange Business Romania. Lately I concentrate on delivering full solutions as subscription while working with other specialized freelancers from East Europe to improve efficiency and quality.

How QR codes can help?

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QR Codes , shortened for Quick Response Codes, have become the latest e-commerce trend among the consumers and the retailers. It won’t be incorrect to say that we can find QR codes everywhere- pizza boxes, clothes, books, bottles, flyers, shop doors etc. QR code signifies as a type of barcode that anyone can scan and […]