Dumbrava Token

10 $

Plant real trees with a few clicks

Your contribution can have a great impact on the environment, wild animals and the lives of farmers that earn from planting trees. Each token contains the species of trees planted, the exact location, date and pictures.

Reduce your carbon footprint by sponsoring trees

Open up your business to additional marketing channels. Align your brand with fighting climate change by supporting real trees verifiable by QR and blockchain technology.

Get branded images to use in your marketing campaigns.

1000 in stock



Earn NFTs and marketing materials

tree NFTJoin our reforestation efforts by making a contribution of 20 EURO and ear marketing materials and carbon credits.
token NFT Each NFT contains the locations and pictures of the tree uploaded every season. Use NFTs for advertising, gifts or trade them on opensea.io

NFT location All earnings go to: tree planters and to acquire farm land for forest gardens.


Were are trees planted?

The firsts plots are in the south part of Romania, near the ancient site of Romula-Malva.

How can I track the trees?

You will receive a token that represents your tree. In it you will find the location, species of trees and the date of planting.

What can I do with the tokens?

Collect and store the NFTs in any crypto wallet that supports polygon blockchain, gift them to someone or trade them on opensea.io for profit.